Director   Screenwriter   Cinematography




The story background is in the year 2047 in Hong Kong. Using a dark future to bring out the problems in Hong Kong nowadays also shows my worry and depression. In this project, I tried to use a different way to tell a story. Instead of dialog, I use images to express the feeling and message directly.


This video divided into three chapters. In the first chapter “Girl who looks for eyes”, the girl is compared to the worry of losing freedom and the progress of technology, the only way to get out the “white room” is by the VR glasses. The white room is compared to Hong Kong. In chapter two “Man who is faceless” talks about the fear toward the Communist Party of China. And the final chapter “People who have been deprived of their feet” talks about the place is creating the same kind of person who refuses to walk out from their comfort zone and takes away the one who wants to get out of the path.

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